Struggling with warehouse space? Look at the racks

How on top of your inventory management are you?

How on top of your inventory management are you?

Warehouse space is costly and scarce, which causes warehouse managers to get creative when trying to expand their fleet. However, you may be able to do more with the space you have, bettering your facility capabilities. When you’re bringing in inventory on material handling carts and stacking it as is, you’re not giving much thought to the capabilities of your current storage.

DC Velocity reports that with a little adjustment, you can increase the available space in your warehouse by up to 40 percent. The news provider reports it starts with looking at the slot heights of your pallet racks. In most cases, warehouses use the same height across the board, causing wasted space of the gaps in between. By measuring out what specific slot height you need for each of your pallet racks, you can adjust them and create more space for stacking, ultimately allowing you to keep more inventory on hand without the need for buying more space.

Shelving is critical in saving space. According to Supply Chain Beyond, if a warehouse is full, that typically means it’s disorganized. Using shelving, you can stack more inventory horizontally, clearing up your floor. Measure each container of inventory and stack from largest to smallest, so pickers don’t have a heavy lift when they’re retrieving from the top.

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