The manufacturing industry struggles with its reputation

How on top of your inventory management are you?

How on top of your inventory management are you?

The manufacturing sector has been trying to appeal to younger workers to help bridge the talent gap. With more people retiring and not enough people going into the industry, there remains a lot of barriers to getting people to join the sector. While material handling equipment can help, because it increases productivity and allows workers to reduce the number of trips they have to do, there’s still a need to attract skilled talent.

Industry Week reports one of the major drawbacks in the manufacturing sector has a bad reputation for not being “cool” enough when it comes to drawing in younger audiences. This reputation is in part built by older workers not understanding the younger generations and what their needs are, alienating them from potentially joining the ranks.

In addition to trying to appeal to younger workers, manufacturing managers can look at their processes and see what needs to change in order to have a more productive environment. The Small Business Chronicle reports that by assessing the lay of the land and monitoring all the equipment in the warehouse, you can see what’s actually bringing your productivity levels down. This can help you fix the problem before it becomes too cumbersome and drive up your efficiency.

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