Going green can matter to your company’s bottom line

How on top of your inventory management are you?

Use material handling equipment that does not burn fuel.

Companies are increasingly feeling the pressure to be more sustainable in their operations. Going green can seem overwhelming, but making the change is setting companies that do it ahead of the competition.

According to Material Handling & Logistics, suppliers that have cut their overall emissions saw cost savings of nearly $20 billion. Not only is taking the sustainable measure a smart business practice, but it could end up saving your business money. Not only could it help your business, it could also keep you in the good graces of your purchasers.

The news provider goes on to report that nearly 75% of purchasers interviewed said they would consider terminating a business relationship with an existing supplier if they were not making adjustments to their environmental impact.

However, there are steps you can do in your practice that can help reduce emissions that you may not even realize, and it starts with material handling equipment. According to Manufacturing.net, it’s important to reduce the use of fuel in your operations from equipment such as forklifts. Using material handling equipment that doesn’t burn emission can help, such as pallet jacks, dollies and other means of moving bulk items without a motor. This can help keep operations moving efficiently without affecting the carbon footprint.

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