Small businesses struggle to hire talent against large competitors

Improve efficiency to stay competitive.

Improve efficiency to stay competitive.

The manufacturing industry continues to face competition in attracting top talent. It’s critical to have a workforce that’s able to not only handle material handling equipment and be available for shift work, but there’s an increasing importance placed on strategic and efficiency planning.

However, in addition to facing competition with other industry, it may also depend on the kind of organizations attracting top talent. According to, small businesses are struggling to keep up with large, established brands, in a trend that has no sign of changing anytime soon. The news provider reports that during the month of January, businesses with 49 workers or less were responsible for 63,000 new jobs, which is down from the 107,000 created in December. While it might not be in the budget as much as it is for larger organizations, it’s still important for small businesses to stay competitive when it comes to hiring.

This is not a new issue, according to Small Biz Trends, 24 percent of small businesses responded that they found it difficult to recruit top talent than they did five years ago. However, 35 percent said it’s remained just as difficult. In order to bring in the best, you need to offer incentives and show the benefits of working at your small organization.

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