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Check these items off your ‘to clean’ list easily with Microfiber Cloths!

You may think certain appliances around the house are just for cleaning, but that does not mean that you can’t return the favor. According to Fox News, there are plenty of surfaces Americans are overlooking that need some attention with … Continue reading

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Keeping allergies out of the home

This season can really affect a person’s allergies. Unfortunately, if you’re someone who is easily bothered by the changing seasons and growing humidity, you may be experiencing a bad season. However, there are cleaning tips you can do in order … Continue reading

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Norovirus puts disinfecting at the top of priorities

During the winter season, germs run rampant and buildings frequently hire more cleaners to go through with disinfecting pails to clean all possible surface areas. One of the most prevalent illnesses this year is the norovirus, and everywhere from cruise … Continue reading

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Audio Visual Carts can help with your presentation fillers may not!

You roll in the audio visual cart, you’re ready for the presentation, all of your colleagues are gathered around the meeting room. Think you’re prepared? Not if you’re using certain fillers. You could have a very visually engaging presentation, filled … Continue reading

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Utility carts help with the busy season for the utilities industry.

The winter season means people use a lot more electricity and heat, thanks to shorter days and colder temperatures. This is a good time for utility companies to make sure their utility carts are in working order, as this is … Continue reading

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The hotel industry takes a closer look at its offerings

Analysts are expecting that 2014 will be a good year for the hotel industry, but could some services soon be swept under the rug? While housekeeping carts won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, trends indicate that some hotel amenities could … Continue reading

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Mobile devices remain hotspot for germs

As technology becomes more portable, people seem to be glued to their personalized devices. However, because of the frequent use, these technologies are becoming hot beds for germs. There have been several studies over the years that show the high … Continue reading

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New study suggests strep bacteria may linger despite cleaning

Now that flu season is well underway, many people are concerned with keeping items and surfaces sterile in the hopes of preventing germs from spreading. Going over your home and work area with antibacterial cleaner and cleaning cloths are a … Continue reading

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How much cleaning is too much for the holidays?

Are you prepared for the holidays? You only have a few more hours to get your house prepared – or a week if you’re planning on having a New Year’s party, and you may be stressing about all the things … Continue reading

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Is your mind getting in the way of de-clutter?

Are there barriers preventing you from taking a cleaning cloth to your desk’s surface? Turns out, there might be. According to Fast Company, some people may need to overcome psychological barriers in order to tackle their clutter. The news provider … Continue reading

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