In an effort to have more visibility, tracking becomes important

Do you scan in inventory?

Do you scan in inventory?

Do you know where all the inventory on your material handling equipment is at any given time? Having a pulse on overall warehouse operations is critical to success, but some warehouse managers may feel they’re falling behind, which can lead to lost inventory and ultimately hurt the bottom line.

Tracking has improved over the years, and more inventory managers are using the technology available to them to find out where their products are at any given time. According to Modern Materials Handling, more companies are implementing tracking capabilities in order to have a pulse on what’s coming and going from the warehouse racks.

Not only does this help you know where everything is, but the news provider reports it provides greater analysis into how things are performing and where there needs to be changes in efficiency.

Once you’ve hit your production stride, you should persevere to keep going. Multichannel Merchant reports that the most powerful supply chains are ones that look for continuous improvements. The news provider suggests setting goals and making sure everyone on the team is on the same page. By having regular check-ins, you can help ensure everyone stays on task from a supply chain standpoint.

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