As on demand grows, so does the need for inventory management

Improve efficiency to stay competitive.

Improve efficiency to stay competitive.

The business of on-demand consumer fulfillment continues to be a major struggle for warehouse managers. More customers are looking for real-time fulfillment, and with more companies trying to deliver, it’s becoming increasingly mandatory to operate on an on-demand basis.

With that comes proper inventory management. In order to deliver to customers, you need to have a strong grasp on where your inventory is at any given time. Modern Materials Handling reports on demand fulfillment is making it harder to stay on top of inventory management, so you can better predict where the demand might be coming from and then fulfill as necessary. This means not only tracking all the inventory being moved throughout the warehouse on material handling equipment, but looking at past data for any spikes in demand and also honing in on locations.

Facilities Net reports the impetus is on warehouse managers to get a good inventory management system in place, so they can better control costs of their operations. Lost inventory can ultimately lead to lost revenue, so it’s important that managers have an idea of where their goods are at all times. It’s also critical to keep an inventory balance, so you’re not experiencing space issues when trying to bring in new goods.

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