Manufacturers continue to lead with optimism for the future

You want to hire top talent in your manufacturing operation.

You want to hire top talent in your manufacturing operation.

Manufacturers are still hoping to lure in new talent to use material handling equipment around the warehouse and set strategies for maximum efficiency, and with good reason. Manufacturing optimism continues to trend, with managers predicting strong performance ahead within the sector.

According to Material Handling and Logistics, 2018 proved to be a strong year for optimism in the manufacturing industry, despite some analysts beginning to worry about the economy. In fact, the news provider reports that more than 92 percent of manufacturing managers had a positive outlook for their companies.

However, trying to find skilled talent remains one of the biggest burdens in the sector, as managers have a difficult time trying to entice people into the industry. The news provider reports that this can affect business potential.

Still, the sector isn’t alone. Industry Week reports that there are currently more job openings than there are people looking for work, which makes candidates more selective. In order to stay competitive and keep their workforces as strong as possible, the news provider reports that managers are offering incentives for retirement-age employees to stay on longer, while also giving competitive salaries and other incentives while trying to attract new talent.

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