Put careful planning into mapping out your warehouse

Map out your warehouse to make sure inventory can move around.

Map out your warehouse to make sure inventory can move around.

Although the trend as of late has been to buy previously used warehouses, there is sometimes an opportunity to build one from scratch for your operations. When designing a warehouse for your company’s specifications, you need to think about what exactly you’ll be using it for and what makes the most sense in terms of layout and handling your business’s logistics.

According to the American Journal of Transportation, traffic flow should be something you consider when mapping out your warehouse strategy. Do the aisles have enough room for your material handling equipment and are you able to move inventory seamlessly in and out of the warehouse? Additionally, the source suggests planning to store materials in the order in which they are needed, such as keeping raw materials close to production and packaging near the shipping and receiving end.

Once your warehouse is complete and fully running, you’re not done. The Small Business Chronicle reports in order to be an efficient business, you need to do a yearly refresher to ensure everything is continuing to run smoothly in the supply chain. The source suggests the best time to look at this is right after an annual inventory check, because you have already gotten rid of items and prepped for the year ahead.

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