Holiday sales lasting longer, making more planning a requirement

Plan ahead what inventory you want to highlight this season.

Plan ahead what inventory you want to highlight this season.

As the holiday shopping season moves into high gear, many organizations are finding they need to be prepared for round-the-clock demand, as consumers aren’t just leaving their shopping for the traditional Thanksgiving weekend. Instead, brands are offering discounts throughout the entire shopping season.

The Washington Post reports that economists have been predicting huge sales drivers thanks to a burgeoning economy and consumer confidence. In order to capitalize on it, retailers are offering discounts throughout the whole season so people will continue to shop. The news provider reports that although there was a slight dip in the number of shoppers year over year, experts in part believe it’s due to the prolonged shopping season.

However, with much larger demand and a wider timeframe, it’s critical that managers stay on top of inventory as the season continues. reports that for small businesses in particular, this is a time to make sure your unique products are being highlighted to customers. The news provider reports that because smaller shops typically have dollies filled with unique, high-quality items, it’s important to highlight those. Additionally, small business managers may want to look at local events happening and see if it makes sense to fill material handling equipment with inventory to sell their wares there.

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