Keep storage totes in your material handling plan

Storage bins can help improve inventory processes.

Storage bins can help improve inventory processes.

Do you find you have a lot of smaller pieces of inventory that can make for a transportation nightmare? When trying to move a lot of items at once on material handling equipment, there’s always a risk that some could fall by the wayside in the middle of transporting. However, the right steps can make for a more seamless experience.

Modern Materials Handling reports totes and containers can be a great way to not only store smaller products, but also transport them for distribution and selling. The news provider reports that the use of reusable totes has grown, since it’s a means of lean management practices. Plus, getting stacking totes means you can fit more on your pallet jack, making it easier to transport a lot of inventory at once.

The benefit of using bins to store like items together means you can keep a more organized warehouse. According to the Small Business Chronicle, storage bins can be properly labeled and make it easier to find inventory. Additionally, if you have different color bins you can use them for specific areas of the warehouse and color-code it appropriately, so finding inventory becomes seamless and pulling multiple items at once is easy with the stacking method.

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