Get the supply chain ready for the holiday shopping season

How on top of your inventory management are you?

How on top of your inventory management are you?

The holidays are right around the corner, and now is the time for warehouses to start prepping for the major sales and increase in consumer demand. Scanning inventory as it comes in and out of the warehouse on material handling carts, creating sales forecasts based on patterns stores have seen and getting shippers ready for a busy season are all matters of proper planning.

Material Handling and Logistics reports this year is expected to increase holiday season shopping sales by at least 5 percent from 2017, indicating to supply chain managers that there is little room for error when it comes to preparation. One of the major drivers behind the surge is the rise of e-commerce and many companies trying to earn consumer loyalty by offering incentives such as free returns and expedited shipping in order to stay competitive.

One of the major struggles retailers have is meeting their labor needs. According to the Wall Street Journal, in an effort to offset this issue, more supply chain managers are turning to material handling equipment and technology in order to move inventory quickly. Where automation can come into play in the warehouse, it helps reduce the labor strain during busy times.

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