When it comes to large inventory orders, prepare in advance

Are you ready for a large inventory delivery?

Are you ready for a large inventory delivery?

When you have an ecommerce operation, it’s critical to keep track of the inventory coming in on your material handling equipment, so you can ensure that you’re best meeting customer demand and are better able to track sale patterns. When ordering for an ecommerce operation, prediction is key, because you don’t want to delay orders nor do you want to be left with excess inventory.

According to Multichannel Merchant, if you’re expecting a big inventory delivery, plan in advance as much as you can. Make sure you have enough material handling equipment to properly receive the shipment and move the items to their designated spots in the warehouse. Map out where products will be, and have enough manpower to scan all inventory to properly track its shelf life. The news provider reports that big inventories can take a couple of days to count, so make sure to plan well in advance when you can have as many people on hand to help.

Smyth Retail reports that an inaccurate inventory count can have lasting effects, so planning in advance and having more people on-hand to help can not only make the process go faster, but it can also help boost accuracy.

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