How often do you check on your equipment?

Do you do routine maintenance on your equipment?

Do you do routine maintenance on your equipment?

When you have a major warehouse operation, you need to have the pulse on so many factors. What does your inventory look like? Do you have enough manpower to keep the operation running smoothly? Is all of your material handling equipment in working order? These are all things you should be regularly checking within your operation to ensure you’re not caught off guard and are able to provide the best possible service to your customers and partners.

Modern Materials Handling suggests taking stock of the current state of your material handling equipment. Routine maintenance is critical for extending the shelf life of your equipment, but it can be common for the schedule to slip through the cracks. Instead, the news provider reports that technology is on the way to predict when your equipment needs routine maintenance, so you can be more prepared for any necessary repairs, making sure you still have a manageable fleet to continue operations.

It’s more cost effective to keep with maintenance, according to However, you should be keeping track of how much maintenance costs and how frequently it happens. The news provider reports that once a piece is costing you more in regular maintenance, it’s time to replace it.

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