E-commerce causes worker shortage to surge

It’s important to make sure your material handling equipment fleet is continuously maintained, as it can help keep your equipment in top condition and give it a longer shelf life. Having good equipment is critical for keeping operations running smoothly even with a drop in labor.

Improve efficiency to stay competitive.

Improve efficiency to stay competitive.

According to Material Handling and Logistics, many logistics companies are struggling with the labor shortage at a time when e-commerce is causing operations to be busier than ever. The news provider reports that if trends continue, the forecast for warehouse labor is adding an additional 452,000 workers over the next year or so. However, the industry is already having a difficult time attracting skilled workers to the roles.

The news provider reports that in order to offset the major gap in demand and available skilled workers, companies are looking at equipment and other technologies to keep things running efficiently.

According to CheqRoom, it’s important to keep running details about your equipment and how it’s faring. The news provider reports that for every piece of equipment you have on your fleet, you should keep records of who uses it, how often it’s used and when and where it’s most utilized. This can help you determine when it might need work and help you forecast your next material handling equipment purchase.

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