Warehouses are getting smarter in order to stay efficient and competitive

Smart warehouses help stay ahead of the competition.

Smart warehouses help stay ahead of the competition.

The material handling industry has seen some changes with the drop in talent as more skilled workers head to retirement while new talent tends to go to other industries. Material handling equipment can help offset the burden of a dwindling workforce, as it allows things to keep moving efficiently without stress to the workforce.

In addition to having equipment on hand to help move bulk materials, warehouse managers across the country are adopting smart technology in an effort to keep operations running. Material Handling and Logistics reports that in an effort to keep facilities operating efficiently, smart technology such as smart thermostats and voice-activated speakers have been popping up in warehouses. Additionally, more managers are relying on artificial intelligence in an effort to better predict sales demand so they can make smarter purchase orders.

The Internet of Business reports because more people are looking for technologies that allow them to order on demand, warehouses have had to use technologies to help fulfill demand. Some major operations have moved to as much as 70 percent of all workloads being carried out by smart technologies and robots, with smaller companies trying to scale in order to stay competitive.

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