How advanced would you call your warehouse?

How on top of your inventory management are you?

How on top of your inventory management are you?

Would you say your material handling practices are outdated? Do you look at the amount of inventory you could be using material handling equipment to move, but instead are relying on a full workforce? Or do you have an archaic inventory management system in place?

You’re not alone. In fact, reports that a large percentage of companies are still operating at a very manual level, when there are so many technologies and features now that can help make the supply chain move a lot more efficiently.

The news provider reports that a typical warehouse operation can be anywhere from hours to days behind where it should be, indicating that the majority aren’t adopting automation practices that can help move operations along.

There are a lot of ways to help bring your warehouse operation into the future. Automation Magazine reports that you need to look for inefficiencies within the warehouse to see if any changes can be made. The news provider suggests using robots to help pick the items and bring them to a worker directly to inspect and then ship out for fulfillment. This can not only spur efficiency, but it’ll ensure quality control with your employees solely devoted to inspecting and shipping.

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