E-commerce operations sends warehouses to new heights

Warehouses need to be equipped for material handling needs and distribution.

Warehouses need to be equipped for material handling needs and distribution.

When dealing with an e-commerce operation, warehouse managers know that their facilities need to be equipped to handle material handling equipment moving inventory in and out for distribution. Additionally, with orders going to all different locations, it’s critical to keep track of orders and group them appropriately.

The Real Deal reports there’s a greater demand for tall warehouses in order to fit distribution vehicles in their operations, to load the trucks and take inventory out for delivery. The news provider reports that while warehouse demand in general is high, most organizations are looking for structures with at least a 36-foot clearance height. Additionally, multi-story warehouses are getting the most attention from potential buyers.

Real estate for warehouses has been a hot market thanks to the rise of e-commerce, with companies wanting to increase their distribution in an effort to more efficiently serve their customers.

Material Handling & Logistics News reported that demand for warehouse space would be strong this year, as more companies have been putting a focus on last-mile logistics. Not only is this a strong market in the U.S., but e-commerce and global suppliers have helped elevate the demand to a global level. Should things continue, we could see demand like this for years to come.

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