Small businesses struggle to find warehouse talent

Do you manage your small business inventory?

Do you manage your small business inventory?

Finding the right skilled workers to handle material handling equipment can be a struggle for many manufacturing companies, as hiring managers are having a hard time securing top talent. However, depending on the size of your business, the applicant pool may be even scarcer than you realized. reports that with the strong economy, small businesses are struggling to attract talented workers to fill their roles. That’s not to say that small businesses aren’t doing well over all, the news provider specifies that the majority of small businesses continue to enjoy healthy sales. However, when it comes to filling their warehouse with skilled workers, many are struggling. Because the job market has improved, many potential candidates are being more selective.

Forbes reports that despite the manufacturing workforce shrinking, the industry continues to have a positive impact on the overall economy, so much so that it actually outweighs the hiring slump. Despite having some issues hiring on talent, that doesn’t make employment goals any less ambitious.

The news provider reports that manufacturers are planning to add 2 percent more jobs across the country this year, indicating that there are no signs of warehouse managers slowing down their talent search as they look to increase productivity.

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