Small businesses need to keep control of their inventory

Be smart about inventory levels.

Be smart about inventory levels.

Dealing with inventory as a small business may not be intuitive to many. Leaving warehouse management to the e-commerce giants such as Amazon can seem like a good idea, but properly inventory management helps ensure you get the most out of your inventory, and you’re not caught off-guard with a sunk cost because you didn’t estimate the shelf life.

Digital Commerce 360 reports that nearly half of all small businesses do not have an advanced system when it comes to monitoring what’s entering and exiting their warehouse on material handling carts. At most, they might use a manual process such as a spreadsheet to try and keep track. But that can create room for error, particularly as customer demand can create an unpredicted backlog and shelf life could cause inventory to go bad if it’s not sold.

The Huffington Post reports that proper inventory management should be a focus for all small businesses, as owners try to make sure they can keep up with demand while eliminating the chance of having a sunk cost of unsellable goods. By scanning and tracking every item that enters the warehouse, you can get a better picture of what should be made priority.

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