It’s not too early to think about the holiday shopping season

You need skilled workers to fill your supply chain needs. Plan ahead.

You need skilled workers to fill your supply chain needs. Plan ahead.

It may be mid-summer, but that doesn’t mean that retailers are forgetting about the holiday season looming around the corner. With the holiday shopping season happening earlier every year, it behooves retailers to start their plans as early as possible so they can meet customer demand while not stretching their employees too thin.

Multichannel Merchant reports that returns during the holiday season are one of the biggest drivers to a business, but e-commerce companies struggle with making the transactions quickly while looking into whether the item is resalable or it has become a sunk cost. The amount of products being brought in for returns on material handling carts matter, and the news provider suggests trying to identify the costs associated with returns as early as possible so you can prepare your business’s finances.

You also want to make sure the inventory being brought in on material handling equipment is not too much. The National Real Estate Investor reports that retailers will commonly order more inventory than they can sell in an effort to prepare for consumer demand, which ultimately hurts their bottom line when they’re stuck with excess inventory they weren’t planning for in their initial forecast.

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