Smart scanning inventory practices

Proper scanning can help with inventory management.

Proper scanning can help with inventory management.

When you’re bringing new inventory into your warehouse on material handling carts, you need to make sure you’re properly tracking what is going on and off the shelves. It’s critical to have good inventory control, otherwise you could end up with sunk costs from lost inventory.

Modern Materials Handling reports that one way to keep track of your inventory is to look into what barcode system works for you. While 1D barcodes, known as traditional linear, have a limited facts, 2D barcodes, or two-dimensional, can have thousands of characters related to the product, spelling out the date it in your warehouse and the day it needs to be shipped out. This is incredibly important for warehouse managers who have buildings with a high turnover.

Additionally, these kinds of barcodes can be particularly useful to businesses that handle perishable goods. Because perishable goods can cause for a major loss in your bottom line if it expires before you can sell it.

The Small Business Chronicle reports that perishable goods inventory can be difficult to track, because there might be no value from one reporting period to another. The news provider suggests having automatic inventory replenishment, so whenever you’re scanning, if you see levels dropping, you’re able to restock quickly.

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