Always be looking for top talent, even when you’re not immediately hiring

You need skilled workers to fill your supply chain needs. Plan ahead.

You need skilled workers to fill your supply chain needs. Plan ahead.

Running a supply chain efficiently means you need to hire the top talent who are well-versed in using material handling equipment and understand how to boost production by working efficiently. However, many employers are struggling as their workforce ages and they are unable to find enough talent to replace them.

Always being aware of what employee talent shortages you may face in the future in can help with your overall supply chain planning, according to Modern Materials Handling. The news provider recommends conducting routine workforce planning studies so you can identify skills gaps where they may occur and try to start your recruitment early, so you’re never caught off guard when losing an employee, which could affect your overall production.

Supply Chain 24/7 reports that managers of some of the world’s largest supply chains have been bracing for a talent shortage, as complex operations means that only people with certain skill sets will be able to fill the roles. However, individuals who have the skills necessary to work in supply chains will frequently move to other industries, so it’s important to work on branding the supply chain as a viable employment and option competitive pay and benefits, which are needed to attract top talent.

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