Rise of ecommerce has companies trying to better the return process

Do you find your business bringing in a lot of returns? Make sure it's a selling point to customers.

Do you find your business bringing in a lot of returns? Make sure it’s a selling point to customers.

Thanks to the rise of ecommerce shopping, warehouse managers are finding they need to think backwards in customer satisfaction. While returns used to make their way through a store back to the warehouse, more customers are now simply mailing them directly, and material handling carts are filled with returnable items that either need to be discarded or placed back within the inventory.

Supply Chain Dive reports that many companies are making returns so easy that it has become their competitive advantage to customers. With ecommerce making it easier than ever to find competing products, businesses are looking for unique ways to set themselves apart and get market share. Some of the ways companies are trying to reduce the hassle are actually letting customers keep small-ticket, low-cost items and still getting a full refund or replacement, since going through the entire inventory process may be more costly than simply replacing the item.

If you have a strong ecommerce business, you need to make sure you have an adequate way to quickly process returns in order to keep your customers happy. According to N Channel, online retailers are three times more likely to process a return than a brick-and-mortar business, with 65 percent of customers reporting they were happy with their initial purchases.

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