More managers are investing in material handling equipment

Use material handling equipment to stay productive.

Use material handling equipment to stay productive.

When working in the material handling industry, efficiency is key. On a global level, labor costs are on the rise, and there are certain areas that are really struggling to find qualified talent to join their ranks. As a result, many managers are investing in more material handling equipment in an effort to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently, hopefully saving on costs.

According to Supply & Demand Chain Executive, more managers are expected to invest in material handling equipment, as it’s been steadily growing by 5.5 percent each year. The news provider reports that the market will reach $190 billion by 2024.

Material handling equipment is a great way to make operations more efficient. According to Supply Chain 24/7, equipment such as bins can particularly come in handy when trying to quickly fulfill orders. Movable bins allow workers to put a group of items together, like if it is similar inventory or it is all going to the same delivery area. Bins can also come in handy when trying to fulfill items in the store, as it allows workers to take all of the inventory and roll it out to the shelves for restocking or an inventory change over.

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