Organization is key in a shifting retail world

E-commerce has caused retailers to change.

E-commerce has caused retailers to change.

Have you been adopting your warehouse to mimic the changing tides of retail? While having stockrooms in the back filled with inventory was once enough for brick-and-mortar operations, in order to stay competitive, there needs to be an e-commerce component to any retail business. This means that warehouse workers need to pay special attention to the inventory they’re bringing in on their material handling carts, as they could be putting goods in the wrong distribution channel.

ZDNet reports that retailers have had to shift their strategies from years’ past as more consumers are looking for an on-demand shopping experience that doesn’t require them to leave the house. However, that doesn’t mean that brick-and-mortar operations are giving up. The news provider reports that many companies are trying to improve their in-store experiences so customers will continue to make the journey to the store.

Shopify reports the key to a successful business is having a hand in proper inventory management. Be sure to monitor all of the inventory that either comes through for online order fulfillment and the stockroom. See what’s moving and what needs extra support. This can help you strategize so you don’t end up with a sunk cost of dead stock.

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