Use material handling equipment to boost warehouse production

Reduce chances of injury by having material handling equipment.

Reduce chances of injury by having material handling equipment.

Working in a warehouse requires a lot of physical stamina in order to lift all the heavy inventory and keep things moving efficiently. However, this can also put employees at risk for injury, so it’s critical that everyone is trained on properly lifting inventory from the knees, rather than putting stress on the back. However, adding material handling equipment to your fleet can be a welcome addition for boosting efficiency.

According to, one way to help reduce cost and improve efficiency is using material handling equipment instead of physical labor. Not only does this help keep your workforce healthy, but you may also notice you’re able to move around a lot more inventory at a time using fewer trips. Because you’re able to stack more inventory together to move in on material handling equipment, you can move more at a quicker pace.

Environment, Health and Safety reports that a worker should lift no more than 50 pounds at a time. If you need help lifting bigger inventory onto material handling equipment, ask coworkers to help ease the burden. If you’re able to slide the material handling equipment underneath the inventory and lift that way, it could be easier on the body.

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