Healthcare moves toward a retail model, opening the door for warehouses

The healthcare industry moves to a direct to consumer model.

The healthcare industry moves to a direct to consumer model.

The material handling industry has been particularly busy with wholesale, manufacturing and retail goods. As the economy improves, there’s a greater need for efficient material handling equipment to help businesses get their supplies out to customers in a timely manner. Efficiency is key in a material handling operation.

However, one industry that is fairly new to material handling and inventory fulfillment is healthcare. According to Modern Materials Handling, the healthcare sector is looking to supply goods directly to the customer, and warehouse managers are currently trying to figure out how to solve their distribution challenges in order to meet customer demand and efficiency. Still, the news source is quick to point out that similar to traditional retail, costs, efficiency and accuracy are all things that can threaten a new supply chain. This means that there’s more pressure to start off on the right foot.

Becker’s Hospital Review reports that the healthcare supply chain is a changing process. According to the news source, the healthcare industry is attempting to increase supply chain distribution while cutting costs and consolidating their operations. This is a way to address the trend of revenues from care facilities declining and standalone hospitals closing in favor of other care facilities.

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