Regularly update your material handling equipment to keep employees safe

Using new, efficient equipment can keep everyone safe.

Using new, efficient equipment can keep everyone safe.

Keeping your warehouse a safe working environment should be a top priority as a manager. An injury on the job can not only be costly from a compensation perspective, but it can also reduce your overall productivity due to the loss of a worker. You want to regular invest in new material handling equipment like dollies to reduce the physical stress of moving inventory, and also make sure the equipment works smoothly.

Reliable Plant reports upgrading your equipment can help keep your employees safe, because there is less manual work and therefore less chance for injury. The other bonus to new equipment is it helps move things more efficiently, ultimately helping the bottom line and overall productivity.

Managers should also offer training programs to employees on how to stay safe while on the job. According to Safety & Health Magazine, encouraging employees to lift materials onto equipment by keeping them close to the body and asking for assistance can help reduce the chances of strain. When possible, if you can reduce the size of the load by cutting down on packaging on space can also make it easier and safer to move, according to the news provider.

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