Wholesale goods increase after revisions

Are you being smart about inventory?

Are you being smart about inventory?

Material handlers continue to experience growth as consumers feel more comfortable spending in the current economy. Workers are busy pushing material handling equipment filled with wholesale goods around through warehouses in order to go to other suppliers and consumers themselves.

CNBC reports that April revised figures indicate the wholesale inventory increased slightly. Originally, figures had indicated that wholesale inventories were unchanged from the previous month, but after observing an increase in auto sales and other wholesale goods, it was revised to 0.1 percent. This report goes along with manufacturing inventories, which were found to rise by 0.3 percent during the month of April.

Inventory levels and sales continue to be a look into how consumer confidence in the economy is playing a role. But that means warehouse managers need to be strategic in how they’re managing their inventory. According to Multichannel Merchant, without being strategic about your inventory, you may accidentally buy too much of a product that does not sell as well, leaving you with sunken inventory. Additionally, the news source reports that smart inventory management can help when you have a larger operation that ships from multiple locations. It’s easy for inventory to get lost when it’s coming from different points with a lot going on.

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