Warehouses need to improve management for better visibility

Do you know where your inventory is?

Do you know where your inventory is?

Do you know where your inventory is at any given time? As retailers continue the quest toward omnichannel operations while still delivering on customer demand, it’s more important than ever to have an idea of what inventory is being moved on material handling equipment. As dollies come in and out of the warehouse, being able to track where inventory is in its life cycle is a critical component to providing great a great customer experience.

One way to help with this is through warehouse management software, which allows you to scan inventory as it moves in and out of the warehouse so you can better track where any given item is. However, the material handling industry has been slow to adopt the technology. According to Supply Chain Dive, one-third of warehouses are still lacking a management system. The news provider reports that while the sector has been making strides in bringing in new technologies into the warehouse, overall adoption has been slow.

Business 2 Community reports when implementing new technology and processes, it’s important to start small. The source suggests that improving efficiency of the receiving process can help improve the overall supply chain to make sure you’re receiving all the materials you’ve ordered.

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