E-commerce changes the retail game

Move lots of inventory at once with material handling equipment.

Move lots of inventory at once with material handling equipment.

Those in the material handling industry have noticed a shift over the past few decades in how business is conducted and what consumers want from service providers. As technology becomes more integral, so has e-commerce, which has caused a lot of inventory moving on material handling equipment to head directly to shipping centers rather than the store.

Material handling equipment such as dollies are great because they allow you to move multiple orders at once without causing worker strain and allows things to move efficiently. According to Manufacturing.net, for every $100 spent in retail, $9 of it has come from e-commerce. This is the highest the figure has ever been, and as more companies have been upping their e-commerce service in an effort to reach more customers.

However, e-commerce isn’t just for the typical consumer. According to Shopify, business to business e-commerce actually outpaces the business to consumer model by nearly $5 trillion. This could be because the typical B2C purchase would be much smaller than one on behalf of a business. The news provider reports that wholesalers have really been driving the e-commerce business, making it a busy time for material handlers to keep up with demands on their customers for materials and unfinished goods.

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