Employment in manufacturing continues to be an economic bright spot

Material handling equipment can help keep the manufacturing sector efficient.

Material handling equipment can help keep the manufacturing sector efficient.

The Manufacturing Index continues to experience growth spurts and setbacks, but workers within the field are still seeing a lot of positivity. There continues to be a hunt for skilled individuals who are able to handle material handling equipment and support the logistics of various manufacturing businesses. As a result, there continues to be a lot of benefits for employment in the field.

According to Forbes, one of the areas the manufacturing industry is really excelling in is in hiring. The source points out that the sector is one of the largest employers and in addition to having 12 million workers who are directly in the field, it supports another 17 million. The news provider also reports that recent data suggests that it’s a much higher paying field than other blue collar jobs.

Popular Mechanics reports that even if there are fewer jobs than there once were, the industry is still seeing a surge in productivity as some of the largest organizations try to keep up with demand. The news provider reports that as companies are trying to attract customers by being more on demand than ever, there is a need for an efficient and talented workforce, as well as material handling equipment to help boost efficiency.

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