Work to attract millennial talent to material handling

Offer incentives to attract younger workers.

Offer incentives to attract younger workers.

When bringing in a younger workforce to use material handling equipment in the warehouse, it’s important to remember that with age comes certain culture and need for different managing styles. Attracting top talent is becoming more difficult due to the high demand, so it’s critical that warehouse managers are aware of what they need to do in order to properly manage.

According to Material Handling and Logistics, there are some cultural things you can do to your warehouse to help encourage millennial workers. Employees are frequently on the hunt for flexible work hours, and the news provider reports that offering incentives for workers, such as offering shortened work weeks in favor of working more hours in the day. This way, employees feel as though they have more flexibility in their schedules, but they are still being efficient when they’re working for you.

Supply Chain 24/7 reports that with skilled workers leaving in favor of retirement, it’s been more difficult to bridge the talent gaps. Because millennials care more about where they’re spending their work week, it’s important for managers to adapt their warehouses to address their needs. This can help bridge the skills gap that was left from seasoned workers.

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