Keep up with consumer demand in the retail space

Try to boost your productivity to meet consumer demand.

Try to boost your productivity to meet consumer demand.

In order to capture market share, manufacturers and retailers are finding themselves making boosting efficiency a priority. Material handling equipment such as dollies can help move shipments around at ease, without causing strain to workers when they’re trying to run operations throughout the warehouse.

Material Handling & Logistics reports that operations are putting a growing importance on the ability to have same-day delivery. As companies that have supply chains that are well-oiled machines continue to provide this service, they’re able to gain market share. The news provider reports that 53 percent of consumers have said that they have abandoned a purchase because the shipping turnaround time was too long. However, as companies move to address those needs, the news provider reports that consumer expectations will rise even further.

Entrepreneur reports that because people are now able to shop from their fingertips either by computer or on an app on their phone, the retail experience has seen a significant shift in how companies get market share. Because the entire experience is based on an on demand model, it makes sense that consumers would expect the delivery to be on demand as well. Retailers will just need to stay focus and make sure they’re staying as efficient as possible to deliver and keep their buyers happy.

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