Material handlers struggle with warehouse inventory and needs

Material handling equipment could struggle to fit in warehouse spaces.

Material handling equipment could struggle to fit in warehouse spaces.

Dealing with warehouse needs can be difficult for companies when they’re limited by space constrictions. If they don’t have the resources to build brand new facilities for their material handling equipment, most need to use leftover warehouse space. However, many companies are finding that the available spaces aren’t meeting their needs.

According to Material Handling & Logistics, while there has been a lot of warehouse space built within the past decade, it only accounts for about 11 percent of the total space, and the rest is difficult to work with when using today’s modern material handling equipment. The news provider reports that the average age for a warehouse space to be considered completely obsolete is 34 years. The news provider reports that anything that has been built past 2008 is three times larger than anything built before that year.

Industry Week reports that companies need to be creative with their space and think about stacking. Also, where you keep inventory can play a role in how often the space frees up. The source suggests using the front end of the warehouse for fast-moving inventory, so it’s the first thing that’s replenished when new stock arrives. This will also provide more space for material handling equipment, rather than the narrow back aisles.

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