Use material handling equipment to keep up with retail demand


Dollies can help your business stay efficient

The retail industry has seen some positive strides in recent years, as consumers are becoming more comfortable with spending again. Retailers will want to stock up on Rubbermaid dollies so they are able to stay efficient in moving inventory throughout their warehouse, stockroom and storefront.

According to Material Handling & Logistics News, retail sales increased for the firs time in three months, growing by 0.6 percent during the month of March. However, the news provider also notes that the drops from December to February might be indicative over the decrease in purchases following the hurricane rebuilding efforts and the holiday shopping season rush. Analysts are suggesting that the increase is right on trend.

CNN Money suggests there are still some struggles for certain stores, which are trying to compete with stores such as Amazon and Walmart, which have been increasing their digital footprints. In an effort to stay competitive, retail managers may find themselves going to an omnichannel strategy in order to reach as many potential customers as possible. You’ll also need to stay as efficient as possible to meet consumer demand, which is where using material handling equipment can help as it allows more inventory to move at once.

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