Go natural and inexpensive with cleaning products

Add natural cleaning products to your cart.

Add natural cleaning products to your cart.

Trying to reduce the cost of cleaning supplies on your professional cleaning cart? Not only can products get pricey, they can also be bad for the environment, leading to many companies to take an eco-friendly approach to cleaning. However, there are plenty of non-chemical ingredients that can be useful to cleaning crews for multiple purposes.

According to MBG Lifestyle, having white vinegar, a citric acid and baking soda on hand can serve as multipurpose cleaners. These can be bought at any store, and when they’re combined with water they make for great cleaning agents. The news provider reports adding some essential oils can also help personalize the scent, if it’s something your clients care about. However, most employees in a work setting only care about clean surfaces, as scents can be irritable to some.

Sometimes, people may think natural cleaners are not as effective. However, Green America reports that basic soaps and green cleaning products can be as effective as needed for preventing germs. Additionally, using particularly harsh cleaners could cause bacteria to eventually resist its contents. Just make sure to consistently disinfect any rags or wipes you’re using to clean up the space so they don’t become carriers of bacteria.

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