Keep the cleaners coming to the gym on a regular basis

Keep the gym bacteria-free.

Keep the gym bacteria-free.

With summer right around the corner, more people are heading to the gym in hopes of getting into shape. Thanks to the increase in traffic, managers will want to have professional crews coming in with cleaning carts even more frequently in an effort to combat the bacteria that spreads in gyms.

Business Insider reports that some gym equipment can be home to more bacteria than what would be found in a public restroom. It’s important to make sure that you have a cleaning crew coming at least once a day to help decontaminate the equipment. The news provider reports that not only is there a lot of bacteria in the gym, it’s also harmful as 70 percent were found to cause illness and skin problems. The news provider reports the treadmill, exercise bike and free weights were the three main culprits for harboring bacteria.

In addition to bringing in professional cleaning crews, encourage your members to be vigilant about disinfecting equipment after they use it. Have bins of wipes all around the gym so they’re easy to find well-stocked. Women’s Health reports before using equipment, members should wipe down all surfaces with wipes and then do it again after they’ve used the machine to protect the next user.

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