Too many cleaning products could bother tenants

Fumes could bother tenants.

Fumes could bother tenants.

Cleaning products can be a powerful way to keep building smelling and looking fresh. However, some of the chemicals that are put on professional cleaning carts could have adverse effects on surrounding people’s health. As a result, it’s a good idea to encourage professional cleaners to use products that don’t give off as many fumes.

The New York Times reports it can be a hazard to building tenants when maintenance crews use powerful chemicals to keep buildings clean. On the one hand, they’re doing their job and trying to keep dust at bay – which can also be harmful to tenants. However, some people may be sensitive to fumes, and it could affect their air quality.

It isn’t a stretch for people to complain about the cleaning product fumes they’re inhaling. A recent study found people who are exposed to cleaning products could face a decline in lung health overtime, according to Reuters. If fumes are starting to get to tenants, there are plenty of alternative cleaning products that may not be as harsh on the system. With a particular focus on eco-friendly, more companies have been increasing their environmentally friendly cleaning products, making it easier for trained professionals to make the switch.

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