Keep floors looking good even with the salt season

Ice removal can wreck havoc on the floors.

Ice removal can wreck havoc on the floors.

Trying to keep visitors from slipping and falling is a preventative safety measure all businesses take. Clearing the outside walkways is paramount for reducing falls that happen on site. However, using salt to de-ice the walkways could cause another headache – stains to the floor.

It’s important to send in a professional crew with cleaning carts every once and a while to do treatments to the floors and keep them looking fresh no matter what the weather is like outside. According to SF Gate, white vinegar can be a helpful tool for removing salt residue stains from tile. The news provider suggests cleaning crews do a thorough sweep beforehand in order to get rid of excess residue, before cleaning the floors with a mixture of white vinegar and water.

How to Clean Stuff reports if the salt stains have gotten thick due to all of the foot traffic, it’s best to have the vinegar sit for a minute. This will make it easier to remove the stains without having to worry about marks being left over. If that still doesn’t work, the news provider suggests using a mixture of dish cleaner and warm water, which will help remove the rest of the salt.

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