Keep the company fridge on your list of cleaning priorities

Stay on top of the office fridge to reduce germs.

Stay on top of the office fridge to reduce germs.

You frequently bring people with cleaning carts into the office to make sure all surfaces are wiped down to help reduce the spread of bacteria. However, one place that could be filled with germs is a space that may never be touched by the cleaning crews: the fridge.

Particularly if it’s used on a regular basis by everyone in the office, not only will certain things be forgotten about, there will also be spills and other ways that germs and build up occur. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, you should ask your employees to do a regular clean of the office refrigerator in an effort to reduce the amount of germs. Once a spill occurs, it should be cleaned up immediately. Otherwise bacteria will build up over time and could spread germs throughout the workplace.

Additionally, do a weekly check to see if anything has perished while in the fridge. This can help keep food safety in check for the rest of the items in the fridge.

The Washington Post suggests holding people accountable for breaking the office fridge rules too much, such as if they leave expired foods in it too often. Set guidelines and tape them to the fridge so employees know what’s acceptable in proper fridge etiquette.

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