Get into spring cleaning now to avoid allergies at work

Use spring cleaning as a way to get rid of dust.

Use spring cleaning as a way to get rid of dust.

Trying to keep your employees productive and healthy? You may want to send in extra people with some cleaning carts to wipe down all surfaces. It’s important to get professionals in on a regular basis to help reduce clutter and bacteria in the workplace, but upping the ante as the spring season arrives means that you could have a healthy workforce.

According to the Brunswick News, dust can build up quickly, and as the days get longer it becomes more apparent where dust is building up. When cleaning crews come in at night, there is a better chance that they may see the dust buildup and get to work.

When there’s too much dust, allergies can get worse, which could leave employees coughing and sneezing at work, in some cases causing them to miss days in order to recuperate.

There are other things in addition to cleaning you can do to help keep allergies from creeping up on your employees. WebMD suggests keeping a well-ventilated office in order to keep the air as clean as possible. The source also recommends using humidifiers where possible, because that can help keep humidity at an optimal level and reduce the chance of mold growing in the workplace.

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