Stay on top of proper waste control to keep your building clean and eco-friendly

Encourage employees to recycle.

Encourage employees to recycle.

Trying to keep a clean building can be overwhelming for management, particularly if they’re in charge of a large facility. Bringing in professionals with cleaning carts is a start, but it’s important that you encourage the employees there to do their part in making sure the building stays in good condition.

One way businesses are trying to put their best foot forward on cleaning is encouraging proper waste management. According to Waste Management, this has been a big priority for companies as they’re trying to reduce their carbon footprint while also keeping up appearances. The news provider reports putting an emphasis on recycling, rather than just throwing everything away in waste, can not only be environmentally beneficial, but it can also keep waste from becoming overwhelmed.

You may also want to consider adopting a building recycling program. According to Inc, the first place you should start is paper. The news provider reports that companies create up to two pounds of paper waste each day. Because 90 percent of paper products can actually be recycled, it’s a good idea to start tackling that. Have photos of recyclable items near the trash and recycling bins, so people know where to go.

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