Germ buildup is worse at the desk than the office bathroom

Stop germs from building up on your desk.

Stop germs from building up on your desk.

When you’re sitting at your desk each day for work, you may not realize how many germs you’re actually coming into contact with. Sure, you may be feeling fine, but you could be the source of bacteria buildup. It’s important to get professionals with cleaning carts in the office on a regular basis to wipe down all surfaces in an effort to keep germs from spreading.

According to the Sun, the average person’s desk has more than 400 times the amount of germs than the office bathroom. Coming in at more than 20,000 germs per square inch of the desk, not to mention more than 3,000 germs on the keyboard and more than 1,600 on the mouse, it’s easy to see how bacteria can be more prevalent than we’ve ever realized while sitting in the same spot every day.

CNN reports that because germs are so prevalent on desks, even when employees are feeling their best, managers should be insistent that workers who feel under the weather stay home so as not to get their colleagues sick. The news provider recommends keeping a distance at work until 24 hours after the last time they’ve experience symptoms, because this means it’s no longer contagious.

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