Try to keep germs from spreading by focusing on these surfaces

Keep up with cleaning door handles and light switches.

Keep up with cleaning door handles and light switches.

Things you come into contact with every day at work could be some of the biggest germ carriers. It’s important to have professionals with cleaning carts go through the office and wipe down all surfaces in an effort to stop bacteria from spreading and keeping as many employees as healthy as possible.

The Sun reports that light switches and door handles are two of the most common sources of germs. Because they are used so frequently throughout the day by a large number of people, it’s easy for them to be major sources of bacteria. Make sure you instruct your cleaning crew to disinfect these surfaces on a regular basis, even in the surrounding areas should the bacteria be spreading without your knowledge.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports there are things employees can do on their own to stop the spreading of germs. In addition to having cleaning crews on hand, it’s a good idea to have employees continually wipe down surfaces, particularly if they’ve been suffering from an illness while at work. By encouraging more people to clean throughout the day, it reduces the chances of germs spreading and infecting more people.

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