Clean out the break room fridge a regular basis

Clean the office kitchen on a regular basis.

Clean the office kitchen on a regular basis.

In the office break room, there’s a lot of mess that can quickly pile up. Even though bringing in professionals with cleaning carts can help reduce the stains and buildup that occur on the surfaces of the break room, you should also look at some of the appliances to keep everything clean and everyone healthy.

According to CNET, one of the focuses of an office cleaning spree should always be on the break room fridge. It’s easy for things to pile up there when multiple employees are leaving their meals and condiments, but the news provider reports that whenever a spill occurs, it should be wiped up immediately and to deep clean the fridge on a seasonal basis. This means purging condiments that have expired and also soaking the meat and vegetable drawers with warm soapy water.

HGTV reports it’s easy to create an all-purpose cleaner that is fridge-friendly. By combining hot water with ammonia, vinegar and baking soda, you’re able to degrease the fridge without exposing any of the food inside to any strong chemicals that could be hazardous to one’s health. It’s important to keep bacteria from building up in the office fridge, but strong chemicals could be an issue when exposed to food, so it’s important to look into natural solutions.

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