There are things you can do to avoid germs this season

Keep cleaning to keep germs at bay.

Keep cleaning to keep germs at bay.

During the winter months, it can be easy to spread germs, particularly at work. However, there are things employees can do to stay healthy. Building managers may want to consider bringing in a professional cleaning crew with carts on a more routine basis in order to help disinfect surface areas throughout the workplace.

However, Elite Daily reports there are things employees can do themselves to steer clear of germs. For starters, it may be beneficial to be a little antisocial over these next few weeks. The source reports that avoiding coworking spaces and the office kitchen can help prevent you from coming into contact with germs. The news provider points out that because your personal space is infected with your own bacteria, you could avoid coming into contact with some of the illnesses your coworkers are currently suffering from.

Everyday Health reports that people with the flu can spread germs to people from up to six feet away, which means that even if you’re sitting at your desk, you still might catch something. Managers should encourage employees to take sick time when they’re not feeling well, as they could be highly contagious, even for hours after they feel better.

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