Look at your own desk when trying to stop germs from spreading

Look at your own desk when preventing germs.

Look at your own desk when preventing germs.

The flu is running rampant throughout offices across the country, and while professionals with cleaning carts can put up an offensive strategy that helps reduce the number of people affected by constantly disinfecting surfaces, there are things employees should be doing to ensure they are not getting their coworkers sick.

If you work in an office, chances are you’re typing away at your keyboard for at least part of the day. That’s where germs can build up, and if you’re not frequently disinfecting your own workspace, you may find yourself catching the flu. According to WFXL, workers should wipe both their keyboards and computer screens every day or so to stop bacteria from growing. Even if the employee is not sick themselves, bacteria can find its way to any surface. Additionally, the news provider suggests having antibacterial wipes or gel in common areas, so people can work to kill germs.

Total Wellness Health suggests if you see your coworkers starting to come down with something, try and keep your distance and also not share anything, such as a phone, because it can reduce your chances of coming into contact with their germs and help prevent you from being a carrier to other employees.

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