Work to keep the flu from spreading in the office

Stop germs from spreading during flu season.

Stop germs from spreading during flu season.

The flu is running particularly rampant this year, and it’s important for facilities managers to communicate with their cleaning crews the importance of disinfecting the workspace to keep germs from spreading further. It’s important to have disinfecting wipes and other cleaning solutions on the cleaning carts, because they can help combat germs. However, it’s important to think of other ways to prevent the spread of germs.

Time Magazine reports the break room is the main culprit for spreading germs, since it’s one of the most trafficked areas in the office. The news provider reports any of the appliance handlers, faucets and buttons should be at the top of the disinfecting target list.

In addition to cleaning surfaces, it might be a good idea to encourage people in the break room to use disposable products for a while, according to the Washington Post. This way, people are reducing the risk of cross-contamination by sharing dishes and utensils. This can be a quick way to spread germs, even if you’re regularly cleaning them. Just be sure to have a strong recycling program for the disposables so as not to create too much waste. Also make sure cleaning crews are regularly picking up the trash.

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